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The Flying Machine (2011)

24,660 views 'The Flying Machine' is a 3D live action/animation family feature film about a stressed out business-woman, Georgie (played by Heather Graham), who takes her two children to see the animation film 'Magic Piano', which is being performed live by world famous pianist Lang Lang. A magical event occurs and Georgie's kids get transported inside the animation world, and Georgie has to pursue them, with a little help from Maestro Lang Lang. The "Magic Piano" which is a stop-motion animation tells a story of Anna, a girl whose dad had to leave Poland to work in London. Anna and her cousin Chip Chip find a broken piano which magically transforms into a flying machine and takes them across t...

The Last Supper (2012)


193,620 views The story of two warring generals (Liu Bang and Xiang Yu) fighting for control of China at the end of the Qin Dynasty. |

The Bullet Vanishes (2012)

279,860 views A detective story about a series of murders in which the bullets seem to disappear after being used, said murders are being committed in, where else, a bullet factory, led by a venal boss and his vicious henchman who once forced a female worker suspected of stealing to play Russian roulette, with tragic results. Now her ghost may be exacting revenge, although cerebral-minded detective Song and his partner Guo look for a less supernatural explanation in an investigation

The Assassins (2012)


291,050 views Set in the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history, the story focuses on Cao Cao in his old age, exploring the areas of military tactics, love, and the relationship between father and son.

The Lion Roars 2 (2012)


38,540 views The Lion Roars again after 10 years when director Joe Ma reunites with star Cecilia Cheung for the sequel to the 2002 Hong Kong blockbuster! With a brand new leading man in Mainland comedian Xiao Shenyang (Just Call Me Nobody) and an uproarious new story set in the Three Kingdoms period, the costume romantic comedy also co-stars Xiao Shenyang’s mentor Zhao Benshan, Hui Siu Hung, Victor Huang, Zhang Xinyu, and Jarvis Wu. Ying (Cecilia Cheung) is notorious for her bitchy behaviors and meddling in others’ family matters, especially those involving playboys or unfaithful husbands. Worried about her hopes of getting married, Ying’s father (Zhao Benshan) decides to match her up with the town...

The Silent War (2012)

149,200 views An espionage thriller set in the 1950s and adapted from the novel "Year Suan/Plot Against" by May Jia. Tony Leung Chiu Wai plays a blind man who works for a piano tuner. He is recruited for a spy mission because of his exceptional hearing.

The Sword Identity (2011)


318,400 views Once upon a time in the Southern Chinese city of Guancheng, there lived four families, each of them faithful keepers of martial arts. Anyone who wanted to establish a new sect, or a new form of kung fu, had to fight his way through the family's gates. But when Liang Henlu requests a competition, he is rejected and driven out of town, his strange new weapon mistaken for a Japanese sword and therefore forbidden by purist Chinese masters as a foreign fighting device. Liang is taken for a Japanese pirate and forced to hide in a boat filled with gypsy dancers. After a series of fights prove Liang's sword invincible, the Guancheng masters start to question their assumptions regarding the weapon's ...

The Second Woman (2012)

225,090 views A seaside village, Guangdong province, China, the present day. Actor-writer Fang Yi’nan (Shawn Yue) and actress Lin Huibao (Shu Qi) have been together since they met after graduating at drama college, though Huibao’s elder identical twin sister Huixiang (Shu Qi) is also in love with him. Huibao has the secondary female role in a costume musical drama that Yi’nan has written, starring himself and older actress Amy (Chen Shu), called The Legend of Plum Blossom . The stage play is about a scholar, Peilang, and the two women who love him – Huiniang, who died three years ago, and Lu Zhaorong. At a performance in Beijing, Huixiang takes over Huibao’s part for one night when the latter fe...

Trippin' (2011)


43,840 views Three couples go to a remote cabin in the woods and, lo and behold, bad things happen.

The Viral Factor (2012)


330,120 views International Security Affairs agent Jon is on a dangerous mission to escort a criminal scientist to another country. En route, a member of his team turns out to be a traitor and shoots Jon in the head while kidnapping the scientist. When Jon wakes up in the hospital, a doctor tells him that within weeks, the bullet in his brain will cause complete paralysis. Jon returns to Beijing to see his mother, who confesses that Jon has a brother in Malaysia who was raised by his father, a gambler. Jon takes a flight to Malaysia to find his brother, Yeung. On the plane he forms a bond with Dr. Kan, who promises to look into possible treatments for his condition. However, when they arrive, Yeung tries ...

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