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Whitney (2015)


357,050 views Director: Angela Bassett
Cast: Yaya Dacosta, Arlen Escarpeta, Yolonda Ross

Gascoigne (2015)

330,920 views A feature length, theatrical documentary on the life of Paul Gascoigne, one of the greatest footballers that ever lived: delving deep into his psyche, vulnerabilities, fears and triumphs.

Kid Kulafu (2015)

259,980 views Before he became one of the world's greatest boxers, Emmanuel "Manny" Pacquiao was a young boy living a hand-to-mouth existence, trying to survive from one day to the next. When he ...

The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe (2015)


246,820 views A chronicle of Marilyn Monroe's family life and how she succeeded in hiding her most intimate secrets from the press and an invasive world.

Battle for Sevastopol (2015)

217,270 views The breakout of the war shatters the world of a young student, Lyudmila Pavlichenko, forcing her to enlist in the army in 1941. The maiden turns out to be a natural-born sniper, her impressive skill and prowess make her stand out among men and women alike. Seeing Pavlichenko as a tangible threat, the German High Command gives orders to eliminate the girl whatever the cost. In the meanwhile, Lyudmila meets a man and falls in love. War fades into the background... Soon, however, another misfortune befalls Lyudmila leaving the man she loves on the brink of death and herself seriously wounded. The girl is pulled out of combat and later goes to the United States with a publicity visit. Eleanor Ro...

The Clan (2015)

180,830 views Argentinien in den frühen 80ern. Die Puccios leben in einem gutbürgerlichen Stadtteil in Buenos Aires, nach außen wirken sie wie eine ganz normale Großfamilie. Doch der Schein trügt. Im Verborgenen führt Patriarch Arquímedes Puccio (Guillermo Francella) mit harter Hand die Geschäfte der Familie. Dunkle Geschäfte, grausame Geschäfte: Kidnapping, Lösegelderpressung, Mord. Er ist es, der alle Operationen plant und umsetzt. Dafür braucht er vor allem die bedingungslose Unterstützung seines ältesten Sohnes Alejandro (Peter Lanzani), der für ihn geeignete Opfer ausfindig macht. Als Star-Spieler der Rugby-Nationalmannschaft ist Alejandro durch seine Berühmtheit über jeden Verdacht ...

Miles Ahead (2015)

176,310 views An exploration of the life and music of Miles Davis.

Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman (2015)

170,660 views A documentary chronicling the 35 year car racing career of Paul Newman. The documentary showcases Newman's racing life as both a prolific driver and owner.

Amy (2015)

157,040 views The story of Amy Winehouse in her own words, featuring unseen archival footage and unheard tracks.

I Saw the Light (2015)

114,900 views The story of the country-western singer Hank Williams, who in his brief life created one of the greatest bodies of work in American music. The film chronicles his rise to fame and its tragic effect on his health and personal life.

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