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Zerophilia (2005)

46,550 views In this provocative teen comedy, Luke, a young man insecure about his masculinity discovers he's a Zerophiliac, with the ability to change sex at will. Join Luke as he journeys into the extraordinary world of Zerophilia where so many crazy questions arise, only one question matters: "Whom do you love?"

You Are My Sunshine (2005)

19,830 views A farmer tries to win the heart of a pretty waitress, but finds more than he bargained for in this top-notch melodrama.

Yours, Mine and Ours (2005)

215,340 views A widowed Coast Guard Admiral and a widow handbag designer fall in love and marry, much to the dismay of her 10 and his 8 children.

Window Theory (2005)

20,430 views In Los Angeles, the twenty-five years old reckless wolf playboy Ethan Humphries lives in night-clubs scoring women supported by his parents, without working or studying. When his high-school friend Bradley accidentally tells him that his former best friend Jeff will get married in a couple of days, Ethan immediately travels to his hometown. He meets Brad, who is studying in the medical school, and the shy Sean, who is studying psychology, and recalls his glorious high school days, but his friends do not tell the name of the bride to him. While meeting Jeff in a bar in the night, Ethan finds that his fiancée is his former high-school sweetheart Stephanie. After meeting Stephanie, Ethan quest...

Water (2005)


23,090 views In 1938, Chuyia (Sarala) a child bride whose husband dies before their union is consummated is relegated to life in an ashram in Varanasi (Benares) for other "unwanted" widows...

Undiscovered (2005)

21,100 views A group of aspiring entertainers try to establish careers for themselves in the city of Los Angeles.

Un fil a la patte (2005)

71,060 views Despite the fact that they love each other, a couple realize that they must "find" other (and rich) people in order to keep their frivolous, costly lives.

The Samurai I Loved (2005)


3,220 views Director: Mitsuo Kurotsuchi
Cast: Somegorô Ichikawa, Yoshino Kimura, Kôji Imada, Ryô Fukawa, Mieko Harada, Ken Ogata, Takuya Ishida, Aimi Satsukawa, Masahiro Hisano, Yukihiro Iwabuchi, Hisahiro Ogura, Ritsuko Enomoto, Eri Watanabe, Sachie Hara, Yasuo Daichi, Kanta Ogata, Ryô Tamura, Noboru Mitani, Akira Emoto, Takeshi Katô, Hideji Ôtaki, Takako Fuji, Taigi Kobayashi, Yûko Nakamura, Yôji Tanaka, Tetsuo Yamashita

The PianoTuner of EarthQuakes (2005)

8,410 views Dark fairy-tale about a demonic doctor who abducts a beautiful opera singer with designs on transforming her into a mechanical nightingale.

These Foolish Things (2005)

10,180 views A young actress seeks to follow in her famous mother's footsteps.

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