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Shrek the Halls (2007)

257,100 views This half-hour animated TV special features the Shrek characters putting their own spin on holiday traditions.

Transformers: Beginnings (2007)

148,590 views On their home planet of Cybertron, the Autobots and Decepticons are involved in an explosive battle over the coveted AllSpark. With the fate of the universe at stake, the Autobots send it far from the reaches of the ruthless Megatron, leader of the Decepticons. But there are even more surprises in store when it crash-lands on Earth.

Flash Click (2007)

100,350 views Three couples from suburban Los Angeles decide to go on a fun filled weekend adventure to Big Bear Lake. But what they don't know is that a psychotic Native American has created ways to entrap these out of towner's through ways of digital technology and steal their souls.

The Blood Is the Life: The Making of 'Bram Stoker's Dracula' (2007)

42,720 views Fifteen years after this stunning reinterpretation of Dracula was released (1992), we go behind the...

Doctor Who: Time Crash (2007)


39,250 views The Tenth Doctor meets one of his previous incarnations.

.hack//G.U. Returner (2007)

34,830 views The characters from previous .hack//G.U. Games and .hack//Roots receive an email from Ovan. He is requesting them to go to Hidden Forbidden Festival where is set up a mysterious summer festival. There they find an AIDA Chim Chim who wishes to peacefully co-exist with the other players of The World. It then transforms into the word "Returner", so they assume it to mean that Ovan will return to The World.

Catwoman: Resolution (2007)

31,290 views Everyone feels the pressure to resolve their lifestyle for New Year's Eve, including Catwoman's alter ego, Selina Kyle. Reflecting on her existence leads her to give up her life of crime, but not before "borrowing" a designer necklace for a New Year's Eve party. When a crime lord orders for the return of the jewelry can she keep her resolution while fighting for her life?

Qwerty (2007)

29,960 views A mentally-afflicted young man is accused of murdering his longtime benefactor. The real truth of what happened lies in his mad obsession with his supposed victim's old typewriter, on which he types relentlessly, day and night.

On My Last Breath (2007)


27,280 views Two men trying to find themselves in the midst of WWII Germany. This tale is not about the war that rages around them, but the struggle inside the heart. Lieutenant John Delay, bitter about war and his estranged wife back home, has given up on life. Private John Fisher, young and full of life, sees the inner conflict in his commanding officer and reaches out to him. Can young Fisher help a lost man find himself before it's too late? Is it ever too late to right one's wrongs? Are there any coincidences? Do we cross paths with people in life for a reason?

Caligula's Pet: A Conversation with Lori Wagner (2007)

25,140 views http://www.filebox.com/jw42gt9tqrv7

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