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IMDb 6.7/10
56,506 Votes

Pride and Glory

Release: October 23, 2008
Country: USA, Germany
Language: English, Spanish
Runtime: 130 min
Quality: BluRay 1080p YTS Download Stream

A family of police officers - patriarch, two sons, and a son-in-law - deals with corruption in a precinct in Washington Heights. Four officers die in an ambush at a drug dealer's apartment. It's brother Francis's precinct, so when the investigation led by brother Ray finds hints of police corruption, there's pressure to close ranks and save Frankie's career. Dad, a police brass, promises Ray that he and Frankie can clean things up, and Ray should focus on catching the drug dealer who killed the cops. Meanwhile, brother-in-law Jimmy, a hothead and an enforcer, is visited at home by a lowlife. Is Jimmy involved in the corruption? Where can this take the family? Rated R for strong violence, pervasive language and brief drug content IMDb