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IMDb 7.5/10
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WWF Armageddon

Release: December 17, 2000
Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: 180 min
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Alternate Servers: March 16, 2015 (5 years ago)

In a constant effort to try to outdo every pay-per-view event that's come before, the WWF put itself into a bit of a catch-22 with the 2000 installment of Armageddon. On the positive side, they concocted one hell of a main event, a chaotic match so enormous, potentially bloody, exciting, and superstar-packed that you can actually admire the company for trying to give its fans something new. For starters, they gathered up the six biggest names in the Federation--the Rock, Triple H, Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rikishi, and then-champion Kurt Angle--and threw them into one single match. They then topped it off by making it a Hell in a Cell match (a fancy, ominous term for what old-school wrestling fans remember as a steel-cage match), which meant that the action would include a lot of blood and several bodies flying 20 feet through tables, steel, etc. The WWF definitely delivers on their promise, as the six-man Hell in a Cell match is frantic and entertaining from start to finish. However, the downside to putting all of your top wrestlers in the ring at one time means you have about two and a half hours left to fill. Of the seven remaining matches here, only the Last Man Standing match between high-flying Chris Jericho and masked monster Kane even comes close to equaling the excitement of the finale. But that main event just about makes up for all the filler you should fast-forward through to get to it. IMDb